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Holistic nutrition for cats & dogs


Nutrition with a purpose

After listening to what pet owners wanted, we worked together with experienced nutritionists and vets, and were able to create a unique range of high meat foods focusing on animal protein and hypoallergenic ingredients. These hypoallergenic ingredients are ideal for sensitive pets and provide all the nutrients your dog needs.

Our food does not contain: 
сorn, wheat, beet, peas, potato, chicken, eggs, gluten, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives and GMOs.

Our nutrition philosophy

Total body health begins with digestive health. That’s why we pay so much attention to all ingredients we use in our foods. Natural and beneficial ingredients are the most powerful tool for pet’s overall health.

However, what we don’t use in our foods,
sometimes matters even more.

Up to 70% MEAT
and animal ingredients

All our recipes begin with high quality meat, providing pure animal protein without adding vegetable protein. Only animal protein provides all the essential amino acids your pet needs for a healthy diet.

Main advantages

  • Up to 70% meat & animal ingredients
  • Only fresh and gently dehydrated meat
  • Single source carbohydrate
  • Only hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Helpful live Probiotics & Prebiotics

Purposefully formulated without
сorn, wheat, beet, peas, potato, chicken, soy, gluten, colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, GMO.

Daily health protection

icon healthy immune
icon healthy heart
icon healthy joints
icon digestion care
icon skin hair care
icon anti hairball
icon healthy growth
icon urinary care

Our carefully selected, nutritional ingredients are ideal for sensitive pets, help with a healthy digestion and support the immune system for a healthy lifestyle.

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