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For pets with sensitive digestion, prone to allergies and most fastidious pets to meet their needs in meat nutrition.

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Available packaging: 0 g, 6 x 70 g

Tuna Fillet & Crab Fillet

A completely natural wet food from selective fish fillet, gently cooked in its own broth. Ideal for cats with a sensitive digestion. Only fish and nothing superfluous – an excellent supplement to dry foods for a varied diet.

  • 100% Natural and healthy nutrition
  • 75% (65% Tuna fillet, 10% Crab fillet)
  • GRAIN FREE composition

Gentle, low-temperature cooking retains all useful nutrients from all ingredients and helps to provide an excellent physical condition and help to maintain a long and healthy life for your cat

Does not contain: grains, by-products, soy, gluten, GMO’s, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Tuna fillet & Crab fillet
Available packaging: 0 g, 6 x 70 g
Tuna fillet & Crab fillet



65% tuna fillet, 10% crab fillet, 24% own broth, 1% potato


Proteins 16%, Fats 0.1%, Fiber 0.2%, Ash 1%, Moisture 82.7%

Metabolic energy: 730 kcal/kg


Serve the product at room temperature. Provide your pet with drinking water.
Serve one can a day for 4 kg of animal weight with normal activity.

Daily health protection

Our carefully selected, nutritional ingredients, help to prevent allergic reactions and food intolerance, providing immune and digestive health and excellent physical condition for healthy life of your pet.